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creating a corporate video

Creating a Corporate Video – What to Consider

A few months back, we announced that we’re now able to create corporate videos for websites: from concept through to final edit. We decided we ought to practice what we preach and shoot our own promotional video for Toast Inbound. We’ll tell you more about how that panned out in a future blog – however, […]

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what is search marketing

What is Search Marketing?

Search Engines have been our go-to information source for a while now. It’s estimated that globally, 3.5 billion searches are made a day on Google alone. What does Search Marketing have to do with this? Well, as the name suggests, Search Marketing is a tactic used to gain online presence and traffic via paid and […]

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Inbound Marketing Campaigns

Quick Checklist for Inbound Marketing Campaigns

How to run an Inbound Marketing Campaign Finally completed your Inbound Marketing Campaigns? But, not too sure that you’ve created an effective inbound marketing campaign that will generate leads? It is only in recent years that running a marketing campaign meant that marketers no longer needed to keep their fingers crossed. The Toast Inbound checklist: […]

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introduce inbound marketing

How to introduce Inbound Marketing Infographic

Inbound marketing has flipped the idea of traditional marketing on its head. Unlike traditional marketing, where the marketer had all the control, inbound marketing is concerned with empowering and enticing customers in to a business. In the article we are looking into why and how to introduce Inbound Marketing. The methodology of inbound marketing focuses […]

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video for b2b marketing

Why is video the future of content marketing?

Today, 55% of people watch videos online every day. This explains why marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. Many believe that advertising videos are limited to only B2C companies however, this is not the case. Video marketing also extends to B2B companies, which is often the most effective method of sourcing […]

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Creating Buyer Personas

How you can create and benefit from Buyer Personas

What are buyer personas? A buyer persona is a fictional, generalised profile of your ideal customer. Buyer personas are essential when helping to understand your current customers and prospective customers better, making it easier for you to tailor content to the specific needs, behaviours, and concerns of different groups. This makes a buyer persona far […]

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new in google analytics 2017

Low down on what’s new in Google Analytics 2017

Google state on their website that their mission is: “To organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” Since 1998 they’ve been doing just that. They’re pioneers in search, with their dominance showing sign of halting as they continue to revolutionise the way we make decisions. At Toast Inbound, we understand that […]

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Why should I use a CRM system

Why should Marketing insist on a CRM System

The Basics of a CRM System A CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a system that allows companies to track their future and current customers interactions. An effective CRM system should allow sales and marketing teams to efficiently interact with prospects or customers. Which companies use a CRM system A company who wishes to maintain […]

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Digital Marketing in Banbury

Doing our bit for Digital Marketing in Banbury

How could Toast Inbound help with Digital Marketing in Banbury?  Last week, Toast Inbound hosted the Banbury instalment of ‘The Grand Digital Marketing Tour’. GDMT was born because we realised the correlation between advances in the digital world and the change in the way buyers are interacting with businesses will significantly impact Digital Marketing strategies. […]

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corporate videos for websites

The Future’s here… the Future’s Video

Since the Internet burst onto the scene and became publicly available in the early 90’s, its exponential growth has revolutionised the way we live in practically every aspect of our lives. In January 2017, it was estimated there are 3.773 billion users globally, defining the Internet as the world’s largest marketing platform. Throw social media […]

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do next with hubspot

Top tip – wondering what to do next with HubSpot?

As one of the UK Gold Partners, Toast Inbound gets a good number of enquiries from recently signed up HubSpot customers asking what to do next with HubSpot. For them, “onboarding” is complete, training is done, everything is working – but they know there is lots more to achieve! So – what to do next […]

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Digital Marketing In Oxfordshire

The Grand Digital Marketing Tour comes to Banbury

At Toast Inbound HQ recently, a member of the team stumbled across a statistic about how future customers will interact with companies to buy products and services. That really got us all thinking about how pivotal a role digital marketing will play. Why? Well here is that statistic: “By 2020, customers will manage 85% of […]

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inbound marketing tips 2017

Inbound Marketing Tips for 2017

Summarising 107 Sales Statistics to Help You Sell Smarter… continued  In December, we took you through the best inbound sales tips for 2017. In HubSpot’s “107 Sales Statistics to Help You Sell Smarter”, they also snuck in a few marketing statistics that we think are relevant for anyone looking at inbound marketing in 2017. Here’s […]

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inbound sales tips

Inbound Sales Tips for 2017

Sales and Marketing gurus, HubSpot, have released “107 Sales Statistics to Help You Sell Smarter” and as we appreciate that you’re very busy, we’ve taken time to help you out and we have trolled through them all to give you the six best inbound sales tips for 2017.

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win customers through facebook

Can I win customers through facebook? – Your Top Tips

Knowing how to win customers through Facebook is undoubtedly a very useful business skill. Using the platform in this way isn’t exactly a new concept, but more and more businesses are adopting Facebook as a marketing tool. And with good reason! It is considered the most powerful platform in social media because of the sheer […]

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Content Mapping, Inbound Predictions and How to Introduce Inbound Marketing

What we learnt from Oxford HUG – including how to introduce inbound marketing On 23rd November, the Toast Inbound team ventured down to Oxford to take part in the Oxford HubSpot User Group (HUG). We were greeted warmly by lots of familiar faces from previous HUGs and got started with the evening. We covered topics […]

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creating a linkedin company page

A step by step guide to creating a LinkedIn company page

Are you wondering why you would want to invest in creating a LinkedIn company page? LinkedIn is very important in B2B marketing. We all know how huge social media is these days, whether you have a business page on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. But LinkedIn is not just a social media site; it’s especially for […]

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seo myths

17 SEO myths you should leave behind

Search engine optimisation has been important for businesses for many years now. As the majority of people who search for your business or services are going to be using search engines, it’s crucial that you are optimised enough for them to find you. There are lots of different methods and factors that go into SEO, […]

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marketing metrics to care about

6 Marketing Metrics to care about

Measuring the right marketing metrics in your campaigns is absolutely imperative for knowing how you’re doing, how you can improve, and what you can change. It can also help you to know exactly where your budget is going, and make the most of your various budgets. There are lots of metrics that you can track […]

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Hubspot Help

Help with Hubspot

If you’re looking for help with Hubspot, we can get you from zero to hero. We provide help with Hubspot for businesses like yours in order to make the most of the Hubspot marketing platform. We can provide you with: Help integrating HubSpot into your existing website Advanced assistance in setting up marketing automation Help […]

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We need you! Digital Marketing Executives in Banbury.

We are looking for good Digital Marketing Executive candidates in Banbury. Drop us a CV and a note if you are interested.  Job Description: Digital & Inbound Marketing Executive Working Hours: Full Time (Mon-Fri, 09:00-17:30 with 1 hour lunch break) Remuneration: ~£20-22k pa plus eligibility to bonus scheme Location: 16, North Bar, Banbury, OX16 0TF […]

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how to rank first for chocolate

How to rank first for Chocolate – a lesson to learn before starting inbound marketing campaigns

One of Toast’s favourite set of clients are the foodies – samples are great! – and so it may not be that surprising that we have had that lovely innocent question – tell me how to rank first for chocolate? There then follows a conversation about expectation management. It runs along the same lines as […]

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Looking to use HubSpot? Come to the first UK-wide HubSpot User Group meeting 21st Sept Oxford

Looking to use HubSpot? Hear it from UK users If you are keeping track of the progress of HubSpot in the sales and marketing communities, or you are actively looking to use HubSpot, then here is an essential date for the diary. UK HubSpot User Group – 21st September 2017 – Oxford Town Hall (starting […]

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inbound marketing

Considering working for an inbound marketing agency?

Working for an inbound marketing agency: Why? Working for an inbound marketing agency means that you take the elements of traditional marketing that are still effective, and combine them with new ideas that add a new dimension to how businesses attract customers to buy their services and products. Working for an inbound marketing agency means constant variety, working with […]

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Google Adwords – Generate website traffic or generate website contacts?

There’s always a bit of dilemma when we’re working with a Google ads agency. Is the primary purpose to generate and track traffic to a quick sale, or is it to generate website contacts with names and personalities?

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Creating Great Premium Content

Whether they’re white papers, infographics, guides or ebooks, premium downloads are a seriously effective way of turning visitors into leads.  But how exactly do you create a piece of great premium content that’ll convince anonymous visitors to hand over their personal information? Firstly, just like your blogs, your content needs to solve a problem and […]

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What is Inbound Sales? More than the welcome death of cold calling!

In the growing world of inbound marketing we are transforming the way that leads are created from our digital marketing presence. The emphasis is a constant flow of much higher quality leads and working with those leads until they are deemed ‘sales-ready’. This is quite a contrast to my early days in marketing when we handed […]

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Inbound Marketing Internship Banbury Oxfordshire

Toast Inbound are always looking for graduates or those starting out in marketing to join our internship programme.  You will work for up to 6 months as a paid intern with the possibility of a full time job at the end.  The outline details of an inbound marketing internship are listed below. Toast Inbound are […]

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Social Media Marketing for Business – Three of the Best

A few weeks ago, we took a look at three of the biggest names in social media for business: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This week, we’re going to explore three other platforms that have grown exponentially since they’ve launched, and may just be the perfect tools for your marketing strategy. Google+ With over 300 million monthly […]

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Content Marketing Strategy – Fundamentals

I see a lot of great blogs that go into the step-by-step minutiae of creating a content marketing strategy. But sometimes they assume that the fundamentals are fully appreciated by the reader. To make sure you’re aware of these when approaching the task at hand, here are our Toast Inbound Fundamentals. We never start working on an […]

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How to Write a Lead-Generating Blog

The good news is that you don’t need to be a great writer to be a great blogger.  Sure, copy that’s full of typos and grammatical errors won’t do much for your copy’s credibility, but it needn’t be perfect. So assuming you know your business and can write with a little conversational rhythm, here’s five points […]

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Why Doesn’t My Inbound Marketing Work?

Creating great content, blogging, SEO and guiding visitors through funnels and tunnels (or whatever you’re preferred visual marketing representation is) is Inbound 101. But on occasion, inbound marketers can – with the best will, knowledge and talent in the world, implement their marketing strategy on a website, and see absolutely no results. One such example […]

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Define Inbound Marketing – it’s all about them, not you

I was recently explaining Inbound Marketing to a friend of mine, who also happens to be the MD of a major consultancy business. I was using his new website to try to define inbound marketing, along the lines of being “all about them (i.e prospects and clients) and not about you.” As we looked up […]

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Social Media for Business – The Big Three

There’s a broad spectrum of social platforms to utilize, each with their own unique features and communities. Best practices suggest we should target just one or two of these, rather than spread resources out across several. So to help you choose the best platforms for your business, we’ve broken down three social giants we find […]

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Simplify and measure PPC with HubSpot Ads

In marketing, I have always wanted to join up the dots and see how one activity relates (or not) to the creation of leads and then closed business. One of the areas of frustration remains joining up pay per click (PPC) activity, such as in Google Adwords or LinkedIn Ads.  The old adage seems to […]

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content marketing work

Making Content Marketing work – first look under the bonnet of your website

What can go wrong when making content marketing work hard for your organisation? Here is the scenario: Great client, nice looking WordPress website, existing content in need of a polish but otherwise all ok. Content Strategy has been done, personas are sorted, and a content creation calendar has been published. A really nice premium content […]

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How to Optimise my Blog – 5 Simple Steps

Here at Toast Inbound, blogging is a big part of what we do. In fact, it’s one of our favourite ways to get useful content out to the right people. But even the most useful content can only go so far without proper optimisation. After all, there’s no point writing up posts no one can […]

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What is inbound marketing? It’s about instinct.

In trying to answer the question “What is Inbound Marketing”, it is so tempting to say that Inbound Marketing is the opposite of Outbound Marketing – but that is way too simplistic.

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Content planning

It’s very easy to get all excited about the prospect of a new website, but content planning comes first. There’s no point having a website if no one can find it. Getting found is now far more involved that adding a few generic keywords to your site and proper meta descriptions. Content is king, and […]

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Hubspot and WordPress

Hubspot has a pretty hefty content management system for sites hosted on their COS, but what if you need to integrate Hubspot and WordPress? As WordPress experts we help businesses that want to retain their existing WordPress install and integrate all of Hubspot’s functionality into their current site. Hubspot and WordPress can play very nicely together if everything is […]

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Don’t have time to write blog posts?

Producing new content for a website can be a time consuming business. You need to research focus keywords, write the copy, source some images, put it all up on the site and SEO it. One of main reasons that people don’t publish enough new content to their website is that they don’t have time to write blog […]

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Get more from your website with Hubspot and Toast.

Simply ‘having’ a website doesn’t cut it in today’s search and social-fed traffic to your website. Not being able to identify and nurture visits to your site is a huge problem, and not knowing when you’ve achieved a new business conversion directly from your digitial efforts is painful. Welcome to Hubspot. Hubspot closes the gap […]

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