Strategy and Planning

At Toast Inbound, we understand that a well put together digital strategy and plan greatly improves the results of a digital marketing campaign. As well as putting together digital strategies for our clients, we also like to research the greater digital marketing world for up and coming trends. Read our digital strategy here for insight and tips.


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8 tips to really drive your B2B lead generation in 2018

How are you going to make a difference to your lead generation success this year? A new year – a new you right? You’re going to really drive hard to get more leads and really ramp up the lead generation activities to win more new business opportunities. It’s going to be different this year – […]

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Why Inbound Marketing is beneficial for a business development strategy?

Business Development is a term used for a multitude of activities, depending on who you talk to or the role you do. However, no matter what you mean by business development, every definition of the term will have one thing in common – the need to reach out to people who have an interest in […]

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creating a corporate video

Creating a Corporate Video – What to Consider

A few months back, we announced that we’re now able to create corporate videos for websites: from concept through to final edit. We decided we ought to practice what we preach and shoot our own promotional video for Toast Inbound. We’ll tell you more about how that panned out in a future blog – however, […]

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Creating Buyer Personas

How you can create and benefit from Buyer Personas

What are buyer personas? A buyer persona is a fictional, generalised profile of your ideal customer. Buyer personas are essential when helping to understand your current customers and prospective customers better, making it easier for you to tailor content to the specific needs, behaviours, and concerns of different groups. This makes a buyer persona far […]

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The Future’s here… the Future’s Video

Since the Internet burst onto the scene and became publicly available in the early 90’s, its exponential growth has revolutionised the way we live in practically every aspect of our lives. In January 2017, it was estimated there are 3.773 billion users globally, defining the Internet as the world’s largest marketing platform. Throw social media […]

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Hubspot Help

Getting help with Hubspot

Getting help with Hubspot could get you from zero to hero in no time. We provide help with Hubspot for businesses like yours in order to make the most of the Hubspot sales and marketing platform. We can provide you with: Help integrating HubSpot into your existing website Advanced assistance in setting up marketing automation […]

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how to rank first for chocolate

How to rank first for Chocolate – a lesson to learn before starting inbound marketing campaigns

One of Toast’s favourite set of clients are the foodies – samples are great! – and so it may not be that surprising that we have had that lovely innocent question – tell me how to rank first for chocolate? There then follows a conversation about expectation management. It runs along the same lines as […]

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