Lead Nurturing

Taking marketing qualified leads and nurturing them until 'sales-ready'

Not all contacts make a decision today, so how do you keep engaged with them until they do decide to buy?


The traditional approach to this problem might involve trying to maintain regular contact face to face, or by sending out monthly newsletters containing a plethora of information which may or may not be relevant to them.

While there is still a place for these kinds of activities, they are not necessarily time or cost efficient and may not be appreciated by the contact. (What do you do when you get a generic email)? Also, and especially in the case of the newsletter, you have no way of measuring how effective this is, or tracking what business if any results from the newsletter.

Toast Inbound work with you to develop and run a lead nurturing process. This process not only keeps you at the forefront of the contact’s mind but allows you to track their individual activities both online and their conversations, tailor messages and content to their interest and will prompt you to contact them at a point when they have decided to buy.


Our process

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How do we do this?

The first part of lead nurturing centres around an understanding of the sales and marketing processes within your organisation. Do you have a clear definition of lead stages and a clear process for passing leads to sales and receiving feedback from them?  These definitions are essential for the development of the content and the placing of that content within your marketing and sales platforms. 

By having the right content for each stage of the prospect funnel and utilising bespoke automated processes via HubSpot’s Marketing and Sales Hubs, we can ensure that relevant and interesting information is given to contacts at the right time in the correct format. This discipline will lead to both the customer and Google seeing you as a leading light in your field, a thought leader whose opinion is sought after and listened to. You and your website become one of the ‘go to’ information sources for your solution or market. Thus, when the contact decides to buy, you will be their first port of call.

Later in the nurturing process – as the lead moves to the CRM and Sales Hub – the content will be delivered on a one-to-one basis as the nominated sales person, supported by some great Sales technology, takes over the process. Tasks, activities, reminders, meetings can all be set from a single platform giving the company a clear view right through marketing and sales as to how leads are being progressed.

Why Toast Inbound?

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We are particularly successful at helping our clients with lead nurturing due to our years of experience working within businesses that have similar processes to yours. (Yes! We have done plenty of lead tracking via excel spreadsheets!) We appreciate both the needs of the sales and marketing teams and those of the management team within your organisation. In this way, we can help you develop processes and workflows from personal and practical experiences that work in the face of reality rather than just theory.

The other reason to use Toast Inbound is that we use the lead nurturing processes that we promote. We use both marketing and sales technologies to ensure that leads captured on the website are responded to correctly and that, when ready, they are passed to business development. They use CRM and the HubSpot Sales Hub to then progress those leads towards a decision point. 

Let us share our experiences with you and map out an effective lead nurturing process for your organisation.

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