Convert website visitors to leads

Convert website visitors to leads

Every page you have created is an opportunity to convert website visitors to fully fledged leads.

So many websites have page after page of content that just lists products or services and doesn’t ask the viewer to do anything! What’s that all about?

How many website pages have you read that don’t ask anything of you except maybe a timid “call us” or “fill in our contact form [if you can find it]”.

Every page of your website is an opportunity to prove to visitors that you can do what you say (e.g. case studies). Furthermore, they can convert a visitor into a fully fledged lead.

Optimising current content and creating new content is the starting point – with calls to action, specific landing pages and carefully crafted forms can work together to convert interest into action.

What would Toast do for us?

Toast will define, design and develop all of the content needed in, what we would term, the “middle of the funnel”. These contacts will have availed themselves of your educational material and now want to know more.

Each element would be completely focused on inviting the following of a link or the completion of a small form. That includes wording, images and positioning.

What key skills do we use in this activity?

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Where does this get me in the sales process?

This gets you what we call marketing or sales qualified leads. Marketing qualified may not yet to be ready to involve sales.  Sales qualified are so hot that you must pass them on as the prospect wants to engage!

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