Nurture and close online leads

Nurture and close online leads

Online leads can be some of your warmest – and your job is to use your content to move them down the sales funnel to the bottom.

Carefully timed, automated nudges, can keep leads fully engaged with your products or services. How does marketing automation work?

The generation of marketing qualified leads (see Convert visitors to leads) needs to be followed up with a period of nurturing before the close. Those are your warmest leads and your job is to use your online materials to move them down the sales funnel to the very bottom. This is when they will be open to some nudges to engage which can be achieved a number of ways.

This stage is where marketing automation – comprising automated emails with dedicated calls-to-actions and landing pages – really comes into its own. This can also serve to keep your own staff fully up to date with everything the prospect is engaged with (views, opens, clicks, submissions, downloads etc.

Whatever you do, you also need to make sure these contacts are seeing all your new blogs as you develop your stories on how you help solve problems.

What would Toast do for us?

Setting up marketing automation workflows can cause headaches – there are so many “if they do this then do that – if they do that, then do this”. There is timing of sends to consider, understanding “the offer” to move them on etc.

Toast have plenty of experience in the area of automation and so can take the processes that you have and overlay the nurturing emails and offer landing pages to work for you.

What key skills do we use in this activity?

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Where do this get me in the sales process?

This creates new customers from your database of qualified leads. Too often we stop after finding a lead and forget the rest of the funnel. Sales staff really do not want you to pass on everyone that breathes, but want leads when the prospect is ready to engage. If they can be shown at that stage every online action the prospect has ever taken, they feel really well prepared for the first conversation and advancing the opportunity to a sale.

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