Video for Websites

Video for Websites

Customers are engaging with content differently…so make sure you have a plan to create video for websites

B2B Digital Marketing has been dominated by static text and image content for too long.  Prospective buyers are now increasingly looking for video content to aid them in answering questions and making decisions. 

If you need convincing, then consider these interesting statistics:  

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These stats cannot be ignored. The clear message is that video is an incredibly powerful marketing communications tool and we should all be using it on our websites. We at Toast Inbound understand that this shift towards video is something that both time and money should be invested in.  So we’ve invested in being able to offer a service to create video for websites by bringing into our content marketing team a small but experienced creative video team. 

As content marketing specialists, we pride ourselves on knowing what content will work best for you and keep that at the forefront of our work. Our new video for websites service uses a proven method of engaging with audiences – there are no gimmicks here!

How would Toast create video for websites for us? 

The short answer is “like all other content”. We are so conscious that specialist video companies can be quite intimidating with their clapperboards and teams of people (who all need paying). As such, we approach the making of a video in just the same way as we prepare for any premium content to be placed on a website. 

We take the Inbound Marketing approach to creating the perfect video:

Helping you exploit your video on digital marketing channels

If you use a specialist video company, they would then just send you the final copy and leave you to do something with it. In Toast Inbound, our web experts, SEO folk and social media team will then help you amplify your video on the correct digital channels based on your buyer persona. 

It’s not just creating a video – it is using video content to grow your business. 

New perspectives: Drone video for websites

Like everything else, video marketing is evolving at a rapid pace and one of the great technologies on the marketing frontier are cinematic drones. Drones can be the perfect way to showcase your product/service and add that ‘wow factor’ to your video

You can film many things with a camera on a tripod – but there is nothing like providing a new perspective on your products and projects. We don’t use our drones, however, just as a gimmick – it still has to pass the test of ‘what message is it trying to communicate and to whom?’

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